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Resume highlights Peter's most relevant education and employment in descending chronological order. His references are available upon request.


LEED AP Building Design + Construction (LEED AP BD+C)

1997 – 2000
Master of Architecture (MArch)
DalTech, Dalhousie University

1995 – 1997
Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies (BEDS)
TUNS (Technical University of Nova Scotia)

select architectural employment

2009 – 2013
Moriyama & Teshima Architects
Architectural Team Member
1. Peter worked as a core team member on large-scale institutional architectural projects, such as a 20,000m2 Faculty Club complex in Doha, Qatar, and the 9,000m2 Aga Khan Museum in Toronto. His scope of responsibilities spanned schematic design, design development and contract documentation. His primary area of focus on both projects required him taking ownership of the building interiors: articulating the quality of main/feature spaces, researching materials, coordinating mechanical and structural systems, detailing, and in the case of the Faculty Club, coordinating the lighting design with Gabriel Mackinnon Architectural Lighting Design.
Project Architect / Project Manager
Peter worked as project architect and project manager in joint venture with MMM Group on a complex master planning project for the cities of Makkah and Madinah in Saudi Arabia. His responsibilities varied over the duration of this 3-year, multi-part project as follows:
2. Peter worked on urban planning for the central area of Madinah, focusing on providing architectural alternatives for the future expansion of the Prophet's Mosque (PM) to satisfy predicted future capacity numbers of attendants. The project involved close collaboration and coordination with transport engineering in developing a network of LRT, BRT and transit hubs serving the PM precinct, as well as relieving vehicular pressure by rerouting the surrounding major arterial roads and providing dedicated pedestrian arrival corridors and staging areas.
3. Peter worked on master planning and urban design guidelines for the central area of Makkah. He assisted in developing the design guidelines for the different character neighbourhoods, focusing on Transit Oriented Development (TOD) as one of the main urban drivers. The guidelines set out particular open space qualities, preservation of views and restrictions of heights, development density, street character, materiality of buildings, etc.
4. Peter worked on the development plan for the Mashaer—a designated region of Makkah that accommodates the majority of over 2 million pilgrims during the Hajj pilgrimage. This project required a proposal for the fluid integration of transport and housing. Numerous alternatives were explored in close collaboration with transport engineering to make viable the ambitious strategy for housing an additional 400,000 pilgrims onto an already restrictive site.
(Toronto, Canada / Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

2007 – 2009
Adamson Associates Architects
Architectural Team Member
1. Peter worked closely with a project architect as his only assistant in producing contract documents for a three-story commercial "pavilion" addition onto an existing high-rise tower in London's Canary Wharf commercial district. He gained excellent exposure to all aspects of producing a thorough set of contract documents for a 4,000m2 commercial project.
2. Peter worked on two commercial high-rise projects, one in London, UK, in joint venture with Renzo Piano Building Workshop, and another in Milan, Italy, in joint venture with Cesar Pelli & Associates. He worked as a core team member within larger design teams and was responsible for design development and coordination with other team members and consultants to produce contract documents for the two buildings. On one project, he worked mostly on building envelope, whereas on the other, his primary area of focus was on interiors for the main public spaces.
(Toronto, Canada)

2005 – 2007
Teeple Architects
Architectural Team Member / Lead Designer
1. Peter worked on projects ranging from a small-scale residential house to large-scale institutional library and cultural centre. His responsibilities encompassed conceptual design, design development, working drawings, consultation and coordination. On the residential house project, he worked as lead designer producing a complete set of working drawings under supervision from an associate. On the library and cultural centre project, he worked as a core team member developing and articulating a complex series of interior spaces and producing the necessary contract documents.
2. Peter's duties extended to creating much of the graphic work in the office using Adobe Creative Suite and/or manual drawing and modelling to clearly represent the project ideas and concepts, and engagingly illustrate architectural spacial qualities.
(Toronto, Canada)
David Fujiwara Architect
Architectural Assistant
Peter worked on a large wood-construction country home in Minden, and a small commercial renovation in Toronto. David Fujiwara stressed clear and informative contract documentation to the extent that all contract documents were produced in-house and in full colour, and often included supplementary elements of specifications and consultant drawings – this was done with the intent of fullest clarity and limiting time needed on site. Peter was responsible for producing such clear and communicative working drawings for both of the projects.
(Toronto, Canada)

2001 – 2004
Michael Grunsky Architect
Architectural Assistant
Peter worked on various wood-construction houses and house additions, as well as a wood-construction assembly type building. Michael Grunsky is reputed in the maritimes for quality traditional wood-construction design. During his time in Michael's office, Peter got to hone his skills in quality wood-construction design and detailing, and in manual drafting, while producing working drawings and assisting with design development.
(Halifax, Canada)

1996; 1997 – 2000 (Occasional Photography Commissions)
Deborah Berke & Partners Architects
Student Architectural Intern
Peter spent a work term working in the office of Deborah Berke on projects ranging from Manhattan loft renovations to upstate New York country houses. At this early stage of experience, his responsibilities were mainly presentation related: producing presentation drawings, building models, designing an office portfolio and photographing the firm's completed projects for publication.
(New York City, USA)

design and photography employment

2000 – present
Freelance Graphic Designer
Occasionally, Peter works as a graphic designer of printed matter, such as posters, exhibition catalogues and booklets, utilizing various printing technologies and methods, to create one-of-a-kind presentations that are both tactile and elegant. Clients include a list of individuals and organizations in the arts, cultural and education industries.
(Canada & USA)

ECM Records (Edition of Contemporary Music)
Graphic Designer
Peter produced graphic design work for this unique jazz record label renowned for its innovative use of design in the music packaging. His projects included design of a book about the label's most prominent recording artist, and design of a recording package.
(Munich, Germany)

1997 – present
Freelance Architectural Photographer
Through a parallel interest to design in photography and visual communication, Peter has been providing services as a professional architectural photographer to various architecture firms who require high-end photographic documentation of their work.
(Canada & USA)

design instruction

2002 – present
Design Instructor / Guest Reviewer and Design Critic
Peter has always pursued design excellence through available means, extending to teaching and design reviews at university level. From 2002 to 2004, he was employed at the School of Architecture, Dalhousie University and at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, as a sessional instructor teaching courses in design clarity through visual communication. Since then, he has participated on a number of separate occasions in design reviews at various institutions as a guest reviewer and design critic.